illustration of a weary pilgrim

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illustration of a weary pilgrim
A Summer landscape painting with a view of the forest border in Drenthe, The Netherlands

A Thicker Understanding of Joy

Learning to think wisely about joy
July 01, 2024

Joy is notoriously difficult to define. Is it a feeling? An emotion? A state? Is joy the same as happiness? Joy defies simple definition. But we can still talk meaningfully about it.

Black raku chawan bowl repaired using the Kintsugi technique, an ancient Japanese practice.

Beauty Out of Brokenness

How God's grace mends the broken fragments of our lives
June 03, 2024

God redeems the broken fragments of our lives. He mends and restores, not by hiding our failures and scars, but by creating beauty out of the brokenness.

underwater photo of a statue of Jesus Christ

Christ of the Abyss

Finding Jesus in the Depths
May 06, 2024

Close to 1,000 feet off Italy’s Ligurian coast, between Camogli and Portofino, an eight-foot-tall, 900-pound bronze statue of Jesus Christ stands on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea.