Corrupt Pastors, Good God

A sermon on 1 Samuel 2:12–36

Over the last several years, we’ve seen scandal after scandal involving well-known Christian leaders: illicit romantic relationships, sexual abuse, covering up abuse, heavy-handed leadership, and the list goes on.

Right alongside these scandals, we’re seeing an exodus from American churches. A recent study found that some 40 million people who used to attend church regularly no longer do.

There’s no single reason for this exodus. But scandals are high up on the list. People are disillusioned. These leaders were supposed to represent Jesus. People listened to them. People trusted them. When those leaders turn out not to look anything like Jesus, cynicism starts to take over.

How do we hold on to faith when the people who are supposed to represent Jesus don’t?

This sermon was preached on May 19, 2024, at Grace Bible Church in Escondido, California.