A Brief Encouragement to a Church Weary of Living in Lockdown

Empty pews in a church

I offered the following encouragement to my congregation last Sunday at the beginning of the sermon video we recorded.

Here we are. Another Sunday online. I think a word that captures how many of us feel lately is weary. Weary of bad news. Weary of isolation. Weary of economic fears. Weary of not gathering on the Lord’s Day.

If that’s how you feel, you’re not alone. I feel it, too.

Weariness is a reminder to us to turn to our God. Isaiah tells us that our God does not faint or ever grow weary. And our ever energetic God gives power and strength to his people who are at the end of their own.

So friends, in your weariness wait on the Lord. He will renew your strength (Isa 40:27–31).