Kindle: Two Months Later

KindleIn January I received a Kindle (3G + WiFi) as a birthday present. I was very excited about this gift since I love to read and already owned several Kindle books (the Kindle software for PC and iPhone substituted for an actual device). I immediately downloaded a number of free classic books and dove in. Now that I've used the Kindle for close to two months I feel like I can speak to what I enjoy about it and what I don't.

What I enjoy about the Kindle

1. Free books - There are many public domain works available in the Kindle store. In addition, you can find more free Kindle format ebooks at websites like and Project Gutenberg. I rarely read fiction that is younger than I am so the availability of classic works is a big selling point for me.

2. Highlights and notes - I mark up my physical books quite a bit. The Kindle allows me to highlight passages and add notes. I can then access my highlights and notes via the Kindle website.

3. Synchronization - With the Kindle software for PC and iPhone I have access to my ebooks from virtually anywhere. The ebooks, last location, highlights, and notes are synced across the various devices.

4. Easy on the eyes - The thought of staring at the screen of an electronic device for more than a few minutes isn't too appealing to me. However, the Kindle display is very easy on the eyes. It isn't backlit like a computer screen so my eyes don't tire the way they would if I were reading something on my laptop.

What I don't enjoy about the Kindle

1. Ebooks are ebooks - Obvious, I know. There's something about holding a book in my hand that I really enjoy. In my opinion, the reading experience on a Kindle just can't compare with reading a physical book.

2. Can't export highlights - I use the highlighting feature a lot. The Kindle website enables me to copy and paste those highlights into a word processor, but I'd really like to see a simple 1-click export feature.

Overall I really enjoy the Kindle. It's a device I plan to use for years to come. If you're a reader I recommend you give the Kindle a try.