Gospel Growth

Audio from the 2009 Matthias Media conference is available to download at peoplegrowth.org. The conference was titled "Gospel Growth = People Growth" and focused on how gospel growth happens in people and through people. Below is a list of topics addressed at the conference.

  • D.A. Carson - Ministry, Motives, and Mentors (mp3)
  • David Helm - The Personal Work of Gospel Witness (mp3)
  • Mark Dever - The Four Ps of Evangelical Ministry (mp3)
  • Phillip Jensen - Biblical Theology of Ministry 1: The Aim and Method of Ministry (audio unavailable)
  • Phillip Jensen - Biblical Theology of Ministry 2: All God's People as Prophets and Disciple-Makers (mp3)
  • Phillip Jensen - What is Training? People not Programs (mp3)
  • Marty Sweeney - Obstacles to Training (mp3)
  • David Helm - The Pastor's Work of Gospel Training (mp3)
  • Tony Payne - Training and Gospel Resources (mp3)
  • Phillip Jensen - How a Training Mentality Leads to Gospel Workers (mp3)