When You Can't Sing With Conviction

This past Sunday at our church's internship meeting we discussed various worship related issues. One of the questions that came up was what to do when you feel like you can't sing the lyrics of a hymn/song during the corporate worship service.

Jim Newheiser, who was leading the meeting, helpfully suggested that you first ask whether your issue with the song is one of preference or doctrine. There's a difference between simply not liking a hymn or worship song because of its tune, for example, and not liking the song because you believe it doesn't teach sound doctrine. Jim encouraged us to put aside preferences when necessary. However, if we believe the song isn't teaching correct doctrine then we must not violate our conscience.

What do you do when the lyrics of a hymn or song are so vague or unclear (but not clearly false) that you can't sing with conviction? There are a few songs (though not many) we sing at our worship services that contain lyrics I can't sing with conviction because I'm not sure what the words are communicating.

For example, do you think the following line is a proper/true description of Jesus Christ?

"You are the love song we'll sing forever".

I'm not asking whether that line makes you think of other things that are true of Christ, but whether the statement that Jesus is a "love song" is true on its own.

I've tried hard not to be a stick in the mud over this line, but I simply can't bring myself to sing it. It's not clear to me what it means for Jesus to be a love song and I haven't come across anything in Scripture that would shed some light. I haven't scoured the entire Bible over this lyric though so please let me know if I'm missing something!

What songs/lyrics do you have a hard time singing and why (keep it civil)?