Reformed Theological Resources in Spanish

Matt Leighton is a missionary, local church elder, and professor at El Colegio Bíblica de la Gracia in Spain. Over the last few years he's produced, in Spanish, a number of theological resources from a Reformed perspective. The resources (audio and papers) are all available for *free* at the website of Grace Bible Church (see below).

Please pass on the link to anyone you think may be interested in these excellent resources.

About Matt Leighton
Reformed theological resources in Spanish by Matt Leighton

Jim Elliff on Loving Difficult People in the Church

Jim Elliff's Loving Even the Cantankerous is a brief article full of sound advice on dealing with difficult individuals in the church.

He was one of the most cantankerous men I had ever known. When all the church wished to move forward into a new area of ministry, you could count on him confronting the elders about it in a negative way. In fact, “negative” was his middle name. Our system of decision-making did not allow his views to be buried in a hidden vote, but brought him straight into contact with the leaders with whom he almost always disagreed. Time after time, there he was, the only “aginner.”

You can read the full article here.

What Defines You as a Christian?

My good friend Jason has begun blogging at Personal Theology. Today he asks the following questions.

What above all else characterizes a Christian? The Republican party? Opposition to abortion and gay marriage? Is it creationism vs. evolution(ism)? Is it morality? The 10 commandments? The location of the 10 commandments in public places? Is it boycotts of offensive/immoral movies? Is it 7 steps to how to live life to its fullest? Is it don't drink, don't smoke, don't chew (or go with girls who do)? If one were to take a poll of non-Christians—heck, if a poll were taken of Christians themselves—what would be said to be the defining characteristic of a Christian? What would be that sine qua non of Christianity?

See the full post for Jason's answer.