Two Kingdoms

My wife and I met with several friends last evening to discuss the doctrine of the two kingdoms and some of its implications for congregations and individual Christians.

In preparation for the discussion each of us read A Biblical Case for Natural Law by Daivd VanDrunen. In addition to VanDrunen's monograph we used a talk Mark Dever delivered at the 2009 Sovereign Grace Pastor's Conference (Kevin DeYoung has posted Dever's notes here) to help us work through some of the practical implications of two kingdoms doctrine. Though Dever doesn't use the phrase "two kingdoms" much of what he discusses seems to flesh out the concept.

Both resources are thought provoking and worth consulting if you're interested in this subject.

Logos 4 Mac

The release version of Logos 4 Mac will be available in October. They're putting on a great giveaway with prizes including Macs, iPads, and Logos gift cards. You can find out more about the software and the giveaway here.

Be a Plodder Not a Revolutionary

From Kevin DeYoung's article The Glory of Plodding in Tabletalk Magazine,

What we need are fewer revolutionaries and a few more plodding visionaries. That’s my dream for the church — a multitude of faithful, risktaking plodders. The best churches are full of gospel-saturated people holding tenaciously to a vision of godly obedience and God’s glory, and pursuing that godliness and glory with relentless, often unnoticed, plodding consistency.

Take a moment to read the rest of the article. It's well worth your time.

Daily Devotions: Five Reasons

In a post at entitled "Devotions Aren't Magic" Jon Bloom writes,

We know that [devotions aren't magic]...But still, we can be tempted to think that if we just figure out the secret formula—the right mixture of Bible meditation and prayer—we will experience euphoric moments of rapturous communion with the Lord. And if that doesn’t happen, our formula must be wrong.

He then lists five reasons daily devotions are crucial to progress in the Christian life even if our devotional experiences seems rather ordinary.

  1. Soul Exercise
  2. Soul Shaping
  3. Bible Copiousness
  4. Fight Training
  5. Delight Cultivation

I encourage you to read the entire post for Jon's explanation of each point.