While browsing the ESV Bibles on Crossway’s site I noticed that an edition of the Psalms is planned for June 2014. It will feature single column text, 11 pt. type, and a sewn binding.

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We are not our own: let not our reason nor our will, therefore, sway our plans and deeds. We are not our own: let us therefore not set it at as our goal to seek what is expedient for us according to the flesh. We are not our own: in so far as we can, let us therefore forget ourselves and all that is ours.

Conversely, we are God’s: let us therefore live for him and die for him. We are God’s: let his wisdom and will therefore rule all our actions. We are God’s: let all the parts of our life accordingly strive toward him as our only lawful goal.

John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 3.7.1

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Therefore, let us not cease so to act that we may make some unceasing progress in the way of the Lord. And let us not despair at the slightness of our success; for even though attainment may not correspond to desire, when today outstrips yesterday the effort is not lost.

– John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, 3.6.5.

Twas the same love that spread the feast
That sweetly drew us in;
Else we had still refused to taste,
And perished in our sin

How Sweet And Awesome Is The Place by Isaac Watts

How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves — Helpful tips from the folks at The Art of Manliness.

Is it Anti-Gospel to Teach Kids Self-control  Before Conversion? — Owen Strachan provides wise and balanced counsel.

The Craft of Life-Changing Preaching (Paul Tripp) — “Preaching is not just a craft of content; it is also a craft of communication. You must meditate, pray, labor, and wrestle with how to communicate the truths you now understand to the particular people in your care.”

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

The Hole In Our Holiness by Kevin DeYoung

Kevin DeYoung’s latest book, The Hole In Our Holiness: Filling The Gap Between Gospel Passion And The Pursuit Of Holiness, just arrived in the mail. DeYoung poses the question, “Shouldn’t those most passionate about the gospel and God’s glory also be those most dedicated to the pursuit of godliness?” I’m looking forward to reading his answer.

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Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) was an American theologian and preacher. He is probably best known for his sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. He was educated at Yale University and pastored Congregational churches in both Northampton and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Shortly before his death he served as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). He is widely regarded as the greatest theologian America has ever produced. Edwards’ works are still in print—twenty-six volumes in the Yale University Press edition—and continue to influence the Christian church.

The Jonathan Edwards Collection at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library (Yale University) contains sermon manuscripts, theological notebooks, letters, and other material from Edwards’ library. A number of the items from the collection are available to view online. This is fascinating stuff!

I’ve included some of the images below. Make sure to click through to see the high-resolution versions.

Letter from George Washington
Letter from George Washington

Letter from George Washington

Efficacious grace notebook
Efficacious Grace notebook

“Blank Bible”
Blank Bible

Blank Bible

Hebrew Idioms
Hebrew Idioms

Miscellanies, Book 3, Entries 761-880, p. 30-31
Miscellanies, Book 3, Entries 761-880, p. 30-31

Farewell Sermon to the People of Northampton
Farewell Sermon to the Congregation at Northampton

You can view the rest of the items in the online collection here.

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